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2018 NxMW

Animation and MicroCam

MicroCam, Animation

Animation and MicroCam

Epic Theatre
March 17, 2018 2:30 pm

Animation and MicroCam

Wellspring Dance Theatre
March 17, 2018 5:25 pm


In This Program

  1. Arachnoid

    John Maslowski / Short, MicroCam / USA / 2017 / 0:50 mins
    A giant spider lurks in the forest

  2. Love’s River of Errors

    David Richardson / Short, Animation / USA / 2016 / Experimental / 2:52 mins
    "Love's River of Errors" was written, designed and collaged after my brother's death from addiction, which he hid so well from our family for many years. In writing the poem, I changed my brother to "my sister" to get some distance in the creation of this video; just that much separation made it possible. Addiction touches almost every family, it seems. Creating this piece was how I came to some small sense of peace.

  3. MAL 1138

    Shaun Michael Pope / Animation / USA / 2016 / Animation / 5:11 mins
    A Mechanical Algorithmic Lifeform's odyssey for his numerical counterpart.

  4. Mercy

    Darius Gardner / MicroCam / USA / 2017 / 3:33 mins
    Austin Rhett interpretive dance to Jacob Bank's "Mercy".

  5. Posse

    Mark Bellusci / Short, MicroCam / USA / 2016 / Comedy, Drama / 3:00 mins
    When Jenna and company decide to visit a new neighborhood, their reception is less than enthusiastic. Why is everyone staring at them? Must be jealousy.

  6. Relive

    Sylvia Gabriel and Aiden Standke / Experimental, Short, MicroCam / USA / 2017 / Drama, Fiction, Narrative / 3:34 mins
    A short and sweet film about a woman fondly looking back through her past.

  7. Sea-Tectives

    Christopher Dobbs Jr. / Short, Animation / USA / 2017 / Comedy, Mystery / 10:55 mins
    Sea-Tectives (2017) is a ten and a half minute animated short film about a duo of deep sea detectives in an underwater city. Fish are vanishing throughout the city and it is up to Charlemagne Clawes (a lobster) and Orville Sinclair (a clam) to save the day. This case, however, is more than what it seems and the duo will also be faced with the effect their growing celebrity has upon their friendship. The film is largely inspired by the detective fiction genre pioneered by popular book series such as Sherlock Holmes, The Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drew Mysteries.

  8. Scribble

    Margaret Orr / Experimental, Short, Animation / USA / 2016 / Children, Experimental / 2:28 mins
    First graders at a Chicago Public School scribble onto clear, plastic film to create this avant-garde celebration of pure creativity.

  9. Sloplifter

    Zak Sliuzas / Animation / USA / 2016 / Animation / 3:25 mins
    An animated short about a Russian hermit expressing his disdain for an alien's innocent pond-scum gleaning.

  10. Suspension

    Neil Kendricks / Experimental, Short, MicroCam / USA / 2015 / Experimental, Fantasy, Surrealism / 2:34 mins
    An unseen protagonist is drawn to an enigmatic searchlight piercing the darkness in a lonely vigil for lost souls at sea.

  11. you too

    Daniel Schippers / Experimental, Animation / USA / 2017 / Experimental / 4:48 mins
    Daniel and Steven are the best of friends. A day of fishing brings them closer yet.

  12. Overcomer

    Hannah Spangler / Short, Animation / USA / 2016 / Drama, Indie / 5:56 mins
    Consumed by self doubt, Hannah must reconnect with her inner child in order to overcome her anxieties.

  13. The Final Nights of E. Zann

    Gurleen Rai and F. Anthony Shepherd / Animation / USA / 2016 / 2:41 mins
    Erich Zann, a cheap theater viol player, has been driven to madness by his nightly battle to cover the horrific sounds of evil forces clawing into this world. Alone, he struggles to keep them at bay with only the feverish strength of his playing.

Dates & Times

Animation and MicroCam

Epic Theatre
March 17, 2018 2:30 pm

Animation and MicroCam

Wellspring Dance Theatre
March 17, 2018 5:25 pm